Vapor Cigarette Safety

Vapor cigarette safety

Vapor Cigarette Safety

By now, vapor cigarette has been demystified for the most part and people now generally know what it is all about. Still, it seems that not so many people understand and realize problems and issues with the vapor cigarette. In this article you are going to be briefly introduced to all the dangers of vaping.

First of all, the vapor cigarette is several dozens, if not even hundreds of times safer and healthier than tobacco cigarette. Let nobody fool you into thinking it’s different. Vapor cigarette, in terms of safety and health risks, is not even close to the real cigarette. However, there are still some issues that you should be aware of.

Vapor cigarette is a nicotine solution.

Nicotine is a powerful mind-altering substance that affects the brain and raises blood pressure. It doesn’t cause any other medical condition other than a heavy addiction, although there are some indications that nicotine might indirectly raise the odds of developing some harder illness or disease. Why is nicotine from the vapor cigarette different from the nicotine in tobacco cigarette? Well, in first case you only get nicotine as a bad substance, while in second case you inhale nicotine with 4 000 other chemicals and substances present in tobacco smoke. Many of these substances cause serious illnesses or damage our environment.

Vapor cigarette “smoke” looks pretty authentic. It’s because the nicotine liquid is diluted in propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a common compound used in many industry branches. The most indicative fact is that it’s one of the most widely used food additives because it is a very good moisturizer and is of very low toxicity. However, if you are exceptionally unlucky, you might be a part of the minority population that is allergic to propylene glycol. Propylene glycol causes mild irritations and allergic reactions for some people and in that case it’s logically better to avoid it. If you are allergic to propylene glycol, but want to start vaping, then you can have glycerol instead of propylene glycol. Glycerol is by many characteristics very similar to propylene glycol, except for the part where propylene glycol causes reactions.

Certain tests and research have shown that some vapor cigarette brands, mostly cheaper or less known models, might contain traces of dangerous, toxic and/or cancerous chemicals. However, those are only a few models, and the concentrations of those chemicals are so low that they could hardly kill even an ordinary fly. For comparison, most of the nicotine replacement therapies are positive for traces of nitrosamines or certain types of glycols that are toxic. Also, most of the time the concentrations of these substances in the nicotine replacement therapies are even higher than the concentrations found in some of the vapor cigarette models and brands. All these facts mean that vaping is quite safe.

Vapor cigarette should not be advertised and encouraged for use amongst younger population or non-smokers – the nicotine addiction which is quite easy to develop is a problem that should be avoided by any means necessary.

One last thing – vapor cigarette is a smoking ALTERNATIVE, not a smoking CESSATION product. Always remember that. Although many people have completely stopped smoking primarily because of vaping, such results are more an exception than a rule when it comes to using vapor cigarettes.

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