Vapor Cigarette Health Issues

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There are many people who question and even deny the safety of an electronic vapor cigarette. This article about vapor cigarette health risks and safety will clear all the doubts you might have. You are going to be informed about all the benefits and possible side-effects of smoking the vapor cigarette.

The main purpose of the vapor cigarette is to give nicotine shot to the user while preventing smokers and people around smokers from smoking all the dangerous chemicals from tobacco smoke. Vapor cigarette does emit a “smoke” which resembles the real one, however it’s only water vapor mixed with propylene glycol and sometimes glycerol. Both of these chemicals that can be found in vapor cigarette are generally safe to use and of very low toxicity.

Propylene glycol is widely used as a food additive. Its primary role in vapor cigarette is to create authentic “smoke”. It’s been scientifically tested on rats and showed no illness properties. It’s considered that humans can theoretically intoxicate themselves only if they ingest extremely high amounts of this compound in a very short amount of time. The amount you might inhale through vapor cigarette is far fro that.

Some vapor cigarette users have shown mild irritation and in some cases minor allergic reactions to propylene glycol. It only happens in 1-2% of cases, generally to people who have eczema, vulvodynia or interstitial cystitis. In that case, glycerol (also known as glycerin) is used in vapor cigarette cartridges.

The liquid used to produce the vapor contains nicotine as well. That’s why some people aggressively claim that vapor cigarette is bad and nothing but a drug. Sure, nicotine induces addiction, but for some reason it’s legal and you ingest it every time when you smoke tobacco cigarette together with more than 4 000 other dangerous chemical compounds (tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde…). There is not a single substance present in tobacco smoke to be found in vapor cigarette “smoke” – except for nicotine. And most of that nicotine gets ingested when the vapor cigarette user puffs on, so the people around simply breathe water vapor. After all, use your own brain and logic – you can use vapor cigarette to satisfy your needs for nicotine leaving out all the other harmful substances, so that definitely can’t be more dangerous than smoking classic cigarettes.

There have been some concerns from legal departments of countries like USA (FDA), Canada, New Zealand, EU etc. They have claimed that vapor cigarette still contains some toxic and cancerous chemicals. On the other side, some other neutral consulting companies (like Exponent Inc.) have stated that the tests and studies have been poorly done and incomplete. While there might be some other chemicals in vapor cigarette, they are present only in traces like.

After all, so many people have tried and continued using vapor cigarette as an alternative as it has been on the market for a while. More than 90% of them stated they were satisfied. All of them have experienced significant health and shape improvement. It’s your turn now – purchase your vapor cigarette, you deserve it!

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