Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

Njoy is one of the premium brands of electronic cigarette which is being dubbed as “a healthy alternative to smoking”. It should be noted that while many people are using Njoy electronic cigarettes to help quit smoking, electronic cigarettes are not yet approved as a smoking cessation device. Watch this Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review.

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11 Responses to “Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review”

  1. Ranter5150 says:

    I just got it and it’s not really vaping much. Am I missing something?

  2. cbsloan4 says:

    Electronic Cigarettes are the best. I was a 2 pack a day smoker and have not smoked a real cigarette in 6 months. I have found a supplier that has great customer service and quick shipments. I’ve tried NJOY and everything else and found the one I have now is as good as they get.

    I got mine from w w w . AquaVaporCig . c o m and they have great info about how to use electronic cigarettes as well as great information about ecigs.

    They sell the NJOY in this video with the 1 hole atty cheaper

  3. MrStockguy89 says:

    Any1 interested in making some money over the next couple months by sitting on a cheap penny stock look into SFIO. This company is about to revolutionize the e-cigarette industry. Check out this video for a product demo: SGVA7OcZNPU

  4. smokingsimon says:

    The company is is USA but the product is still made in China for now. I think they’re in the process of starting making them in Texas, but for now it’s all made in China.

  5. Cyclonus21 says:

    Oh man I wonder if this would even be sold. The companies will lose a lot of dough.

  6. TheMidnightNews says:

    No, they are not designed like that.

  7. tokri3 says:

    its possible to make a tincture of thc oil from cannabis which cud be used to fill the cartridge

  8. Luhr711 says:

    u have 2 be 18 right?

  9. shutemdwn says:

    i just got this. i like it.

  10. ayman2 says:

    can you change the cartridge of nicotine to thc? if you can do you think it will work?

  11. openparenthesis says:


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